Accreditation creates confidence in products and services, it makes them safer and simplifies trade around the world, protecting society and the environment.

Accreditation Board of America

International standards are important for several reasons, and some of them become more specific depending on the standard which you’re seeking to achieve. They allow your buyers to see your excellence in trade, quality of products and the management of all the processes within your business.

Commercial relations between your company and buyers becomes easier. Buyers now see you have ISO accreditation and can continue with trade. If the improved relationship with your buyers wasn’t enough, ISO standards also improve the daily functioning and work within your business.

Each ISO audit looks for different requirements, but ultimately each one is testing the successful operation of your business.

Accreditation helps your organization demonstrate technical competence.

Accreditation delivers confidence and
increases commercial advantages for international acceptance.

Accreditation Programs

Accreditation of Management Systems Certification Bodies

Accreditation of Laboratories

Accreditation of Inspection Bodies

Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies

Accreditation of Product Certification Bodies

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