About Us

The Accreditation Board of America (ABA) is an accreditation service provider for Laboratories, Inspection Bodies, Personnel Certification Bodies, and Management System Certification Bodies located in the Americas region.
ABA’s accreditation programs are in alignment with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals given that the services we deliver help organizations:

•          Deliver safer products and services according to quality interest group expectations,

•          Provide reliable results on testing and calibration accomplishment,

•          Promote innovation through the continuous improvement cycle,

•          Upgrade environmental performance by reducing waste and pollution,

•          Improve professionals’ competence through certification of persons,

•          Promote protection of people´s safety and health,

•          Implement best practices to prevent, detect and deal with bribery and ethical principles.

The verification of compliance with international standards through accreditation assessment contributes to international sustainable development programs and provides the opportunity to organizations operating in countries with developing economies to expand their operations internationally.

ABA is a legal entity duly registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia (SCC ID: S7187877) and recognized by the United States Federal Government (SAM Registration Number 081015339) for NAICS Codes 541990, 611430 and 813910, which includes the delivery of accreditation service for laboratories and other conformity assessment bodies, as well as the delivery of professional and management development training. The aforementioned constitutes the legal authority by which ABA operates. 

ABA is an Associate Member of Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC), we abide by the requirements of GOV-001 APAC Constitution and GOV-002 APAC Regulations and Codes as required from APAC to all its members.

ABA rights and duties are defined in the formal contracts executed with the organizations that wish to be assessed and accredited to standards such as ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/IEC 17024 e ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065 and are consistent with that which is defined in ISO/IEC 17011 governing the operation of an Accreditation Body.

ABA supports itself through the revenues received from its assessment, accreditation and training service activities. The services currently provided by ABA are the following:

Conducting assessments for accreditation and issuing accreditation certificates.

Delivering courses pertaining to the accreditation standards we work with.

ABA assessors carryout their activities in a positive, proactive and professional manner and are sensitive to and cognizant of the business realities of the conformity assessment bodies being serviced.



To assure a level of competence in the field of conformity assessment that leads to increased effectiveness competitiveness and improved quality of life for mankind.


To be a leading accreditation organization that facilitates international commerce in support of stakeholders, especially in developing and emerging economies

Service Philosophy

– Superior customer focus as exemplified through the cordiality and attentiveness of our staff which includes, evaluators, management and board members.

 – Commitment to meet customer needs and requirements as well as conformance to the local and international requirements that govern our work.

– A never-ending quest to improve all aspects of our operations.

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13800 Coppermine Road
Herndon, Virginia, USA 20171

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Phone: 703-234-5326
Email: info@abofamerica.com