International Registry of Instructors

Organizations rely on qualified Instructors that can appropriately identify and address the needs of student groups by facilitating and managing the training processes according to training provider procedures and international standards.

The IAR Registry of Instructors currently includes the following disciplines:

  • Quality Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Laboratory Quality Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Food Safety Management
  • Energy Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Risk Management
  • Other (Industry-Defined) Disciplines

Registration Levels

  • Level 1 – Registered Assistant Instructor
  • Level 2 – Registered Professional Instructor
  • Level 3 – Registered Expert/Lead Instructor
Click here to see the qualification requirements for each grade

Applicants to the Registry should have either already been certified by an Accredited Certification Body or they would have to be evaluated based on:

  • Work Experience
  • Formal Education
  • Specialized Training
  • Training Assignments

Click here to see the IAR General Procedure for Instructor Registration

Applicants are evaluated by IAR Accredited Certification Bodies