The accreditation of product certification entities that grant quality, environmental or sustainability labels or marks is the most accepted system to generate trust in these marks, and therefore in the quality they represent.

Today the accredited certification is present in the different sectors of activity –industry, agriculture and livestock, energy, construction, health, transport, telecommunications,…- generating confidence in the “quality marks” of a wide variety of industrial and consumer products. , processes and services.

Currently, accredited product certification covers a wide variety of manufactured products of all kinds: -metallic materials, electrical appliances, construction and electrical materials, food, etc. and different types of services.

Product certification usually entails multiple evaluation activities such as process inspection, sample testing and, on occasion, quality system auditing, all depending on the product being certified.

The level of demand in the services sector has also increased, it is common that the activity of accredited certification of services is experiencing strong growth.

A clear example is the accredited certification schemes for the quality of port services, nature tourism or health services.

Also in the health sector, accredited certification is experiencing a significant boom. At present, accredited entities operate to certify the services of health centers or blood banks, among other activities in several countries.

ABA provides accreditation to organizations that certify products, processes, and services schemes, based on the latest versions ISO/IEC 17065.

ISO/IEC 17065 is part of the ISO Conformity Assessment series of standards and it contains the operational requirements for Certification Bodies Certifying Products, Processes & Services.