Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies

For each Certification Program to be considered in the Scope of Accreditation, organizations would define:

  • The Body of Knowledge
  • Competence Criteria
  • Competence Evaluation and Certification Procedure(s)

These elements would normally be described in a Quality Manual or other policy or operational document that describes how the organization meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024. The organization’s Certification Program practices and related documentation would be reviewed by ABA Assessors in order to determine conformity to ISO/IEC 17024. To obtain an official copy of ISO/IEC 17024 visit the ISO website.

    ABA operates a third-party assessment and accreditation program geared towards organizations that certify personnel.

    The set of criteria employed by ABA for accreditation is contained within ISO/IEC 17024 – which is a conformity assessment standard that specifies requirements for organizations that certify individuals against specific requirements, including the development and maintenance of a certification scheme for personnel

    Organizations that pursue ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation are usually:

    • Membership Organizations / Associations
    • Professional Certification Boards
    • Consultant Certification Bodies
    • Auditor / Assessor Certification Bodies
    • Trainer / Instructor Certification Bodies
    • Technical Expert Certification Bodies

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