Accreditation of Product Certification Bodies

ABA’s ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation program covers many areas related to:

-Product: includes a process result, such as metallic materials, household appliances, construction materials, electrical material, automotive products, food products, forestry products, handicraft products, textiles, and in general, all products susceptible to complying with a quality standard.

-Service: the result of at least one activity, necessarily performed at the interface between the supplier and the customer (e.g., training services, tourism services, repair services, etc.)

-Process: a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs (e.g., Welding, food production, manufacturing process, etc.).

ABA provides accreditation to organizations that certify products, processes, and services schemes, based on the latest versions ISO/IEC 17065.

ISO/IEC 17065 is part of the ISO Conformity Assessment series of standards and it contains the operational requirements for Certification Bodies Certifying Products, Processes & Services.

ABA’s ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation demonstrates to interested stakeholders that Certification Bodies are capable of properly performing their activities, thereby ensuring confidence in their competence, consistent operation, and impartiality during the certification of products, processes, and services that will reach the final consumers.

Stakeholders includes owners of products, processes, and services schemes include industry associations, government authorities, and conformity assessment bodies.

The ABA accreditation program for product certification covers many areas including but not limited to the following:

• Appliances
• Automotive lifting devices
• Bottled water and packaged ice
• Building products
• Building and institutional furniture
• Class II biohazard cabinetry
• Drinking water additives
• Drinking water treatment units
• Electrical products
• Electric appliances and accessories

• Fenestration products
• Food service equipment
• Gas and oil products
• Gas appliances and accessories
• Waste water treatment
• Manufactured products and recreational vehicle plumbing products
• Marine products
• Personal protective and safety equipment
• Plastic piping systems and components
• Plumbing products

• Recreational and occupational health and safety/personal protective clothing
• Sanitation products
• Sealed insulating glass
• Solar energy
• Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain of Custody
• Swimming pools, spas and components
• Treated wood
• Wastewater treatment units
• Windows and doors
• Wood products

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